The business of business of business

The wisest figurehead is humoured rather than honoured when he can only be succeeded by death. He's exhausted and only stays awake out of habit. You needed your dragons for us to need you. Now they outlive you even though you diminished them; rest now, egomaniacal hero, your flames smoulder low. But your light burns … Continue reading The business of business of business


Coping with faith

In 2015, South Africa's Department of Health terminated a contract with private healthcare provider, Life Healthcare. Around 1 300 mental health patients were moved to decentralised NGOs. In September 2016, a few of them were reported dead. The media and authorities soon realised that over 140 patients had died since March that year. We, the … Continue reading Coping with faith

A dot

She came around the corner, greeting before she was fully in his office. His forehead was resting on the palm of his hand - earphones in, head down, working. She walked closer, careful not to startle him, and was hit by the sharp smell. He was sour with yesterday's sweat. The paper in front of … Continue reading A dot