Writing prompts

You write three unrelated words. Your friend does the same. You both write anything between a paragraph and a page.

My friend and I had:

  • salt;
  • dice;
  • roots;
  • megaphone;
  • banana; and
  • stamp.

Her story: The Republic of Bananas

Riots in RoB are worse than ever. Thousands of citizens have come together to protest the new De-Peel Act. The Act seeks to decrease overpopulation by forcing ripe bananas to peel themselves at the first sign of a black spot. Emotions are mixed. Those still attached to their roots seem unphased by the Bill, yet the ripes are up in skins. Minister A. Peels said, “We are still undecided, we may as well throw dice to make a decision at this stage. A semi-peeled leader, megaphone in stem, stood on a tomato box with his semi-peeled comrades surrounding him. “We will not take this with a pinch of salt!”


My story: A crown of thorns

Three on the red die, four on the white – I spread the salt into a quarter-past-four clockface. I stamp the final Celtic rune on the girl’s chest (never did quite get the calligraphy right). I pressure the scalpel into her superior vena cava and slice out her heart. Bowl of banana and root – blood and fruit. The whisper becomes a chatter, the fey’s noticed me. “About time”. I smile. The room darkens, the chatter becomes megaphonic. Today, I will have my crown.


It’s cool to see how people can create radically different interpretations of identical input.


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