Warhammer 40K fan fiction: The chaos apologist

Two of them stood silently, as the third presided over the room from his desk. They were in a small cabin, on a distant planet half-heard and created by the imaginings of a fevered dreamer, vivified by the essence of chaos. They occupied this faint satalite in the warp, only half-existent, as a temporary oasis … Continue reading Warhammer 40K fan fiction: The chaos apologist


A stream of consciousness ramble

 Ever just look at something and suddenly your brain runs a marathon of thoughts that keep passing the baton of their connecting areas? I do. This photo is a case in point. Nature is the great cycle and the great recycler. Birth to life to death to birth, is supernova to asteroids to planetary … Continue reading A stream of consciousness ramble

The ultra wealthy are necessarily philosophers

Don't try to tell me that some power can corrupt a person, you haven't had enough to know what it's like. - Nine Inch Nails "How much is enough?" We wonder. We see a banker earn more money in a month than most of us will make in ten years, and we wonder what the hell the … Continue reading The ultra wealthy are necessarily philosophers


An artist in the real world

I wrote some lyrics to the melody of Alexander Ebert's Truth Sittin' in a dark room Listening to some music Got a real talent but can't seem to use it They say you lose it But you know it's foolish Life ain't got the time for writers or their muses Get a real job Man you … Continue reading An artist in the real world


An unlit room

The man sat in an unlit room, too close to his screen. He’d felt his paunch slowly bloom as he absentmindedly strolled through his twenties, but he wasn’t yet concerned with his eyes. His mother had texted him a little earlier – her mother was being rushed from a holiday resort to an ECG. She … Continue reading An unlit room