An artist in the real world

I wrote some lyrics to the melody of Alexander Ebert’s Truth

Sittin’ in a dark room
Listening to some music
Got a real talent but can’t seem to use it
They say you lose it
But you know it’s foolish
Life ain’t got the time for writers or their muses

Get a real job
Man you got responsibilities
Passions fade to hobbies
Routine dulls your creativity
Man I know it’s killing me
But I need stability
If you practise art
Well, then this just ain’t your melody.

Take pride, son
you can provide
for yourself, and maybe a wife, hey
Look lively
Keep smiling
Your heart’s all spilled out
But your mind’s still driving.

Sing songs of what should have been

Swear I’d quit after one last cigarette
Got a full ashtray and a mind full of regrets
A heart full of secrets, unrequited feelings
Love just ain’t for everyone and loneliness ain’t easy.

Look lively
Keep smiling
I know you’re tired
But you will survive this.


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