Dictators with daddy issues

An older post from my older blog. "Your oedipal complex, is written all over your soul, such a petty neurosis. What happened to the grand megalomaniacs of yesteryear? The Caesars and Napoleons? If you've got to be screwed in the head, do try to be more challenging about it." Mastigos - Mage, the Awakening. When … Continue reading Dictators with daddy issues



Twas the eye of the apocalyptic storm, slowly disintegrating every vestige of sanity from him. The storm would continue, but here, in a cloud of narcotic smoke the eye gave reprieve. Here altruism met megalomania. Here Mister Kite deafened the inner voice, and helter skelter the turbulent, tepid waters of the mind evaporated, leaving only … Continue reading Gabberish