Deep bass liquid electro

From my clubbing days

It’s unlike anything else, no other gig is comparable to this when this is done right. Other ones may be some of your most memorable experiences.

This is just… different.

It’s that tentative beginning, when the first DJ starts, and the floor is scattered with distant groups of people.
At first a couple of people are nodding their heads, and bending their knees to a slight slow rhythm.
The liquid sounds entwine with deep bass, and entrance a few people in the rhythm.
The dancefloor is like a buffet, everybody wants to get into it, but nobody wants to be the only one engrossed in its’ trance.
One person, does not give a shit about what everybody else is doing, or whether they look, and starts pumping to the music.

This must be the moment that first DJ prays for.

Because now, with the precedent set, it’s okay for everybody to allow themselves to be engulfed in the music. And the collective unconscious of the crowd spreads an energy through everybody, all of the people are linked in the communal vibe of the wordless music. It moves your body for you, and you begin to forget everything around you.
Somebody else feels the same way. They dance behind you, bump into you, and both of you shrug it off with a smile at one another, strangers, in the knowledge that it’s simply symptomatic of both of you enjoying yourselves. You won’t speak again.

And then the bass hits, deep and low, vibrating through your bones and in an instant the crowd opens around you, as your dance defines the space you need in order to drown out everything. The world disappears in the multi-coloured strobe-lights flickering a dim beat through the smoke, your world is condensed in the split seconds your able to see anything in the stop-motion lights. And for that mind numbing time you can’t calculate, the world around you is nothing. There is nothing, there is only the light, only the smell of smoke and sweat, and the deep, hard vibrations pushing their rhythm through the core of your being.

For this time, you forget the world.

You catch flashes of hysterical laughter in the pumping light, of people joking, of people zoning out. You fall back into your trance.

In time it’s over.
You remember you have friends.
In the tired lethargy you’re happy to have been able to share the ecstasy of this solitary experience with them. You all experienced it alone, but you’re connected by the knowledge of how you all lost your minds in the tau of the similar experience.


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