A moral dilemma

Brian is a widower with two normal children. He has them in a good private school, tutors them in their subjects, encourages them to socialise with friends, and isn't abusive. He is also incurably psychopathic with a fixation on death. If left alone, he would become a brutal serial killer (though he'd never kill his … Continue reading A moral dilemma



We spend lifetimes looking for authenticity reciprocity sincerity honesty truth and twice as long applying their lessons before we've learned them We desire virtue but not its ends beauty only as far as it bends When we are flayed of our pretenses Then what do we have left? survivalism? instinct? love? or no thing?   … Continue reading Freetense


I've travelled to the stars in love and the empty eternities between them in loneliness In love I saw beauty in myself Oblivious to the world In loneliness I saw beauty in the the world I saw the truth of myself