Dream diary: Apotheosis

In an arboreal road civilisation rents from nature, and that it hasn’t yet properly renovated, we sit with friends and friends of friends. One of them has a tin filled with hallucinogenic sludge.

There’s a lot of DMT in there and some of it gets on my skin. At first not much happens, and tehn gently, so seamlessly I don’t even realise, everything is different.

I awaken to my true self matter-of-factly
I ascend
I am royalty
I am a god

my divine family and I travel the world. We visit real-world pagan sites for a reason I can’t remember – I imagine we were either reminiscing over the time we’d spent there in aeons past, or we were assessing their power and how we might use them.

I walk into Stonehenge and my vision warps and blurs. The energy in there is nauseating and I immediately have to step out. There is a festival and a feast and they fire flaming arrows in my honour, but I need to leave.


The world floods, the ocean boils as it bubbles upward. my mother miscarries a serpent and it dies on the floor. I pick it up, bloody and still covered in placenta. I throw it in the ocean and it hisses to life, becoming an enormous god-eel to claim dominion over the seas.


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