My ex and I just broke up. It happened two weeks ago, but the fog's just lifted and hit me, as I'm hung over and having just cancelled my (probably stolen) banking cards. A friend of hers told me "there is no malice in her", and he was right. She is pure intention incarnate - … Continue reading Exeunt



A friend is moving, downscaling to a smaller home. She asked me if I wanted my discworld novels back. I picked them up and started reminiscing about how sourcery introduced me to that wonderful octarine world. How Pratchett's discworld introduced me to different ways of thinking (even if I didn't agree with them) like the … Continue reading Cleaning


I'm having trouble telling whether I'm depressed or having an existential crisis. It's probably a combination of both. I missed a step in taking my mood stabilising medication when I ran out five days ago and I haven't been quite level on the railway tracks since then. They make me feel okay about the life … Continue reading Today


It's been a while. One night staring at the roof in darkness, feeling his thoughts dart and halt like a dragonfly. He couldn't be present, couldn't think a thought that didn't pulse out in fractal patterns of flickering light. The medication slowed that part of him down, for better or worse. They made his spirals … Continue reading Chaos