Looking through the rear-view mirror

I just bought a used car from my stepfather. I always told myself I'd keep my old road-toaster until it cost me more to fix per month than a new car's payment. That's good and well until you break down between cities for the third time (this time because your alternator spontaneously combusted and your … Continue reading Looking through the rear-view mirror



I'm having trouble telling whether I'm depressed or having an existential crisis. It's probably a combination of both. I missed a step in taking my mood stabilising medication when I ran out five days ago and I haven't been quite level on the railway tracks since then. They make me feel okay about the life … Continue reading Today


It's been a while. One night staring at the roof in darkness, feeling his thoughts dart and halt like a dragonfly. He couldn't be present, couldn't think a thought that didn't pulse out in fractal patterns of flickering light. The medication slowed that part of him down, for better or worse. They made his spirals … Continue reading Chaos

A dot

She came around the corner, greeting before she was fully in his office. His forehead was resting on the palm of his hand - earphones in, head down, working. She walked closer, careful not to startle him, and was hit by the sharp smell. He was sour with yesterday's sweat. The paper in front of … Continue reading A dot