Deep bass liquid electro

From my clubbing days It's unlike anything else, no other gig is comparable to this when this is done right. Other ones may be some of your most memorable experiences. This is just... different. It's that tentative beginning, when the first DJ starts, and the floor is scattered with distant groups of people. At first … Continue reading Deep bass liquid electro


It’s harder to be brave in the dark

(From my religious days) It's the anticipation that's the worst. The complete lack of movement or bumps in the night. The darkness that gives you no sounds. No sights. . . . . . . . Just nothing. . . . . . . And in this emptiness your imagination fills the void with everything … Continue reading It’s harder to be brave in the dark

Inhale, exhale

It slid back in the early mornings. Tentacular wisps of lonely smoke that gently wrapped around his thoughts. Vivid recollections danced to life of how she passed. She inhaled one last time and the world exhaled with her. Everything froze, leaving only the sound of arhythmic heartbeats drumming a pace. The world stood still. Except … Continue reading Inhale, exhale