We spend lifetimes looking for authenticity reciprocity sincerity honesty truth and twice as long applying their lessons before we've learned them We desire virtue but not its ends beauty only as far as it bends When we are flayed of our pretenses Then what do we have left? survivalism? instinct? love? or no thing?   … Continue reading Freetense



I love in fear of the past You love ideas that could never exist But in one another we viciously live in the now we see clearly  


I've travelled to the stars in love and the empty eternities between them in loneliness In love I saw beauty in myself Oblivious to the world In loneliness I saw beauty in the the world I saw the truth of myself


With you gone

I've grown used to it - the music of you your rhythms your missteps the kaleidoscope that refracts you your fiery reds your sensual purples your puzzles the ticks and clicks - combination lock that unlocks me as I unlock it. into sublety into unconditional acceptance. And with you gone the missteps falter to a … Continue reading With you gone


A new answer to an old riddle

I wrote a riddle when I was a teenager. Those that have no need of me Never do anything without me Those that starve of me Never give me a second thought. If you want to figure guess at it. Don't read any further than this until you're done. The answer is your conscience. At … Continue reading A new answer to an old riddle


An artist in the real world

I wrote some lyrics to the melody of Alexander Ebert's Truth Sittin' in a dark room Listening to some music Got a real talent but can't seem to use it They say you lose it But you know it's foolish Life ain't got the time for writers or their muses Get a real job Man you … Continue reading An artist in the real world


If we’re being honest

I want you I want you in every way a man can have a woman I want to dissipate your voiceless insecurities by listening I want to contain your chaos and translate your thoughts into something you can understand I want our symbiotic cycles synchronised, where I argue your cynicism into childlike idealism and you … Continue reading If we’re being honest