Twas the eye of the apocalyptic storm, slowly disintegrating every vestige of sanity from him. The storm would continue, but here, in a cloud of narcotic smoke the eye gave reprieve. Here altruism met megalomania. Here Mister Kite deafened the inner voice, and helter skelter the turbulent, tepid waters of the mind evaporated, leaving only … Continue reading Gabberish


Anachronistic ideation

Some writers draw their inspiration from the world around them. Nature provides them a calm  beyond understanding. Some find their symphonies in the beauty of natural disasters and the endless sky above us. I find my restlessness in people. I find my frustrations and fascinations in strangers I analyse and forget. I watch them and … Continue reading Anachronistic ideation

Why I deconverted

I used to be religious. I came from a relatively conservative Afrikaans family, and I was raised on NG Church weddings and dreary services. I never considered myself to be a fully devout christian, just like the many children who go through the motions of a routine that they can’t really care too much about. … Continue reading Why I deconverted